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“Carly is a great editor. She is very professional and is very knowledgeable. At my small company, she was able to provide the expertise needed to complete all tasks on deadline. I would hire Carly again in a heartbeat.”
Tanjuria Anderson, publisher, Connect magazine

"Carly is delightful to work with. I can always rely on her to write creative, concise press releases in a timely manner. Her attention to detail, organization and work ethic are practically unheard of in this day and age, and she is truly a talented individual."
Carrie Whitney, publicist, PennHouse Productions

“Carly Felton is always at her best, whether it's as a copy editor or writer. She has a great voice in her articles. Plus, she's a joy to work with. I highly recommend Carly for any writing or editing gig or staff position.”
Kirsten Palladino, Life, Food & Style editor, The Sunday Paper

“I started using Carly Felton for writing services on the exact day that realized that my time is the most valuable asset to my public relations company. When I ask Carly to write client biographies and press kits, I quickly notice my stress level decreases and my productivity increases. More important, Carly understands what key messages need to be prominent, and because of this, my pitches are more successful. I know that I can rely on her to produce quality writing in a timely manner. To me, it’s the difference between making a bowl of ice cream for myself, and having someone else make me a banana split. It’s a no brainer.”
Molly Parrish, founder, Polished Public Relations

“Carly is not only reliable and timely, but enthusiastic about all of her assignments, big or small. I worked with her at Atlanta Life Magazine and Doggie Aficionado, and saw firsthand how she approaches each article with dedication. She follows up, she works hard, and she has a great eye for detail. Plus, she's truly a joy to work with—her energy and sense of humor make her all the more valuable.”
Cindy Klinger, freelance writer

“Carly has been an amazing mentor to me during my internship at The Spizman Agency. She has so many wonderful characteristics that they will be hard to list. First of all, she is a very talented writer. Not only does she have a great way with words, she is also very quick. She is also very organized and always a professional. She has shown me the true meaning of persistence when it comes to dealing with the media and above all else, she has taught me the value of having a great attitude –even when times are tough. I would recommend Carly with no questions asked. I have been very lucky to be a part of her team. I have learned more than I could have ever imagined.”
Tracy Shayhorn, assistant account executive, The Spizman Agency